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An Industry in Need of Change

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Robotic Devices, Methodologies and Material Formulations

At SippTech we not only create state-of-the-art robotic devices, we develop the relevant methodologies and formulate the materials. The outsourcing of developing or manufacturing any of these three critical components, significantly reduces the overall efficacy of the system. Furthermore, other associated obstacles and seemingly a lack of accountability has left the pipe rehabilitation industry with a lasting impression. Discounting the importance of this trilogy ultimately perpetuates erroneous and sometime ruinous results. 

At SippTech we fully recognize the need for a dynamic approach in meeting the demands and expectations of the market. With state-of-the-art proprietary technoloigies based on sound engineering principals combined with vast experience, SippTech continues to conquer the verification and quality issues that other organizations will forever endure through: 

  • Single Source Accountability and;
  • Providing Data - Not Assumptions

SippTech offers novel robotic devices, methodologies and material formulation systems that overcome past and current market limitations. More importantly, SippTech is the only robotic systems company globally to allow its certified operators the ability to meet and or exceed all pipe rehabilitation classifications and the relevant standards to these classifications.  

Do you have a customer that requires a highly-specialized pipeline repair solution and needs it done now? You can put your mind to ease when you partner with SippTech. By preserving the trilogy 'in house' we are proud to be the only robotic systems company globally that can immediately respond to your specialized design, engineering or material formulation needs whether for a specialty apparatus, ancillary equipment and / or a specialty material formulation.