Why SippTech.
An Industry in Need of Change

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Lining Devices, Lining Methods and Polymeric Formulations

The outsourcing of developing or manufacturing of any of these three critical components, significantly reduces the overall efficacy of the provided lining system. Furthermore, other associated obstacles and lack of accountability has left the SIPP industry with a lasting impression. Discounting the importance of this trilogy, which is the status quo practice with other SIPP companies, ultimately perpetuates erroneous and sometime ruinous results. At SippTech we fully recognize the need for a dynamic approach in meeting the demands and expectations of the market. SippTech’s in-house collaboration of chemical and mechanical engineering is not only restoring the structural integrity of piping systems but the industry as a whole. Integrity Renewed2

With state-of-the-art proprietary technologies based on sound engineering principals combined with vast experience, SippTech continues to conquer quality issues that other organizations will forever endure.

A partnership with SippTech will prevent your company from being saddled with the limitations and inconsistencies inherent to all other available SIPP technologies:
  • Diminutive lining lengths 
  • Inherently perpetual lining faults
  • Limited Pipe bend geometries
  • Limited Pipe configurations
  • Limited Pipe diameters
  • Limited Pipe compositions
  • Inconsistent liner thicknesses
  • Inconsistent surface finish
  • Unpredictable polymerics  
  • Inconsistent reliability & repeatability 
  • Limited market sector flexibility
  • Limited standards compliance

SippTech offers novel SIPP lining systems and polymerics that completely overcome all the above referenced limitations and inconsistencies. More importantly, SippTech is the only SIPP systems company globally to allow our partners the ability to meet and or exceed all lining structural classifications as per all applicable ASTM and AWWA standards. From corrosion barrier coatings to fully structural standalone pressure pipe linings; our in-house trilogy of proprietary technologies covers all spectrums of municipal, industrial and governmental requirements.​

Do you have a customer that requires a highly-specialized lining application and needs it done now? You can put your mind to ease when you partner with SippTech. By preserving the SIPP trilogy ‘in-house’ we are proud to be the only SIPP systems company globally that can immediately respond your specialized design, engineering or lining formulation needs; whether for a specialty lining apparatus, ancillary equipment and or a specially coating or lining formulation. 

Partnering with SippTech

We sincerely invite the opportunity to meet with prospective and qualified candidates from around the globe to impart further understanding of all the advantages of our SIPP lining systems and polymerics. We want to help you do what you should be doing ~ generating revenues. Our licensee partnership programs are currently back ordered through the second quarter of 2018. CONTACT US as soon as possible to ensure our ability to accommodate your timeline. We look forward to answering any questions you may have regarding SippTech lining systems.